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How to create, fill out a resume for work

Many articles have been written on how to prepare a resume and cover letter. Many myths have arisen, conflicting information is being transmitted, which confuses people entering the labor market. How do you write these documents to stand out among dozens or even hundreds of resumes?

If you think you will create one resume that you send to all potential employers and sprinkle calls, you are wrong. Your application must respond to a specific job offer. The resume should highlight the areas that a potential employer is looking for. When he takes care of his B2B customer experience, it is worth describing this aspect from the very beginning among his responsibilities. This does not mean, however, that you must create dozens or hundreds of resumes.

Prepare a base for your resume, list all the responsibilities, subsequent experience, skills, qualifications and education that you have. When responding to an employer's offer, emphasize what is most important to him, or you will find out from the hiring offer. The same goes for the cover letter.

If the company expects this, prepare a version specifically for this. Argument your candidacy and try to convince the recruiter that you are the perfect candidate. Do not duplicate information from your resume on the occasion, use the additional opportunity to introduce yourself.

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Work on a resume form

It is often said that applications should stand out. This statement is not surprising, because our resume usually falls into dozens or hundreds of other applications. What needs to be done to attract the attention of the recruiter and encourage him to contact us? Resume and letter should be written in an accessible form so that there are no problems with reading the most important information.

Recruiters usually have little time to select applications, so let's make sure they quickly become interested in our candidacy. Let's avoid small fonts, let's divide the resume into sections - personal data, education, experience and other information that is important in terms of a specific job offer.

Let's put the latest information at the top of the page so that the recruiter does not have to analyze everything in order to solve the issues that interest him most.
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For some time there has been a tendency to create custom applications, for example, in the form of videos or presentations. There are also those who go further and send a portfolio of completed projects or created applications.

This is a very interesting form that undoubtedly sets us apart from other candidates. Remember, however, that people who choose apps, that is, those who decide to invite you for an interview, may not have a clue what you're writing about.

For a recruiter, the HTML probably means nothing. So if you want to show yourself to potential
to the employer, attach a standard resume or document confirming that you meet the standard conditions of the position for which you are applying.

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