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How to get a job without experience?

When this moment comes, when we start looking for the first job, we often understand that, in principle, in addition to education and hobbies, we have nothing to include in our resume.

What to do in this case? How to earn your first resume entry and what will your future employer pay attention to?

It often happens that we underestimate the experience gained. Our resume is empty, despite the fact that we have several situations that we could include in the resume. The most forgotten jobs include those that are done seasonally.
for example, in restaurants during the holidays. In addition, the experience gained in student organizations, research clubs or the implementation of student projects is underestimated. Equally important may be casual work in the store or baby sitting as a nanny.

If we are looking for the first serious job, the employer takes into account all of the above problems. Therefore, it is worthwhile to increase your chances of attracting the attention of a recruiter and write about what you have already experienced. Even if our previous actions have nothing to do with the industry in which we are looking for work, they will matter. Everyday work teaches us how to organize, collaborate, cope with difficult situations and overcome stressful ones. Therefore, it is worth writing about them in a resume and arguing their usefulness in the position for which we want to apply.


If you want to get a job in a particular industry of your choice, find out as much as possible. Check which companies are located in the places where you would like to work, how you can get a job in them. Perhaps these companies organize internships or training programs. If so, then it is worth using them. If not, you should contact the company and ask about the opportunity to start your professional adventure at its doorsteps. If you want to apply for an internship, remember that just asking is not enough. Show your best side, make a presentation and describe your strengths. Adapt the form of communication to the industry in which you would like to work.


Working with offers is like any other thing we care about - usually this is not easy. Consistency is important, as is the idea and plan of action. It is hard to expect that we will be able to get a specialist position without experience.

Therefore, prepare what you can. While studying, choose subjects that will allow you to gain knowledge. Extend it at additional courses or after graduation, in parallel with undergraduates, choose a graduate school that will allow you to meet with practitioners in your industry.

Add free job offers - and find free apps!

In addition, it is worth attending industry conferences where you can get the latest knowledge and establish new professional contacts. Later, you can search for internships or internships to gain experience. It is important to have a goal and strive for it
with a specific action plan.

The first entry in Cv is usually a component of commitment and idea, so think about what you can introduce (of course, there is something suitable). Also, think about how to present it so that it is attractive to your future employer.

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