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Recruitment Stages

The hiring process consists of several stages of negotiations that begin a long-term relationship. Each stage ends with a decision: "You move on" or "Thank you." If this stage ends with a disagreement, i.e., the absence of appropriate expectations, then all negotiations cease. It is no longer possible to speak, clarify or clarify.

Classes and questions appear on both sides of the table:

  • What could I do differently?
  • Answer: it depends on the stage of negotiations.
  • The further you go in the process, the more you can check your chances of coincidence.

Recruitment Stages

In the first step, the facts that count on your resume. Expectations for skills are clearly indicated in the recruitment announcement. A resume review usually ends with a Yes / No assessment. At the second stage - in a telephone conversation we are looking for confirmation of these facts and the experience of the first 2 impressions of direct contact. The next step is a conversation, and here the attitude to organizational culture is appropriate. It will be easier for the recruiter to make this, they will preliminarily evaluate, even at the stage of consideration of the application, whether you have a chance to approach the style of work in the environment.


Think of the four types of companies

  1. Clan - we are all a "big family" and pay attention to friendships. Programs that strengthen relationships with other employees, such as mentoring, and give a sense of participation in the life of the company, are strengthened.
  2. Hierarchy - structure, management, coordination, processes - they establish the basis for action.
  3. Adhocracy - Entrepreneurship, risk, energy and innovation are valued.
  4. Market - a company focused on the result, goal and achievement.

Think about at what point in the four types of cultures you would feel the best at. For example, if you focus on close relationships, work is a place where you can make friends, there is a good chance that you will spread your wings at Klan. Do you want a sense of success to be understood as achieving a result? Well, make sure the market type company is in a growing industry.

In turn, if you like to take risks, and the practice of Google, Facebook or other technology companies makes you shine - Adhokracja from the so-called Startup Culture will become the place for you.

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Or maybe you need an old-style structure, and you do not see corporate processes as a limitation, but you feel good in streamlining reality in a process-oriented way? Now write below some of the companies you would like to work for:

1. How do you work in these companies? What do you know about the organizational culture of these companies? Take short notes.

2. Browse the website, not just the Careers tab. Keep track of how the company talks about results, people, accomplishments, development, and history.

3. Write the company values ​​on the card.

4. Find people with whom you will work, find several people who manage teams working in the area with which you connect your future. What language do they speak? What is their tone?

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